Natura Cotton Pad

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  • $7.90

Another quality product from GOO.N Manufacturer.

Usual Price: $9.90
Launch Price: $7.90
Terms & Conditions:
1. Other store discount does not apply to launch price products.
2. Valid till 31 December 2018.

  • Light incontinance (urine leakage) is common before & after giving birth.
  • Sanitary Pad is not effective in absorption of urine.
  • Natura will keep you dry & fresh.
  • With deodorizing function.
  • Made in Japan.
Type Length Volume Pcs/Pack
Cotton Pad 15cc 20.5cm 15cc 50
Cotton Pad 30cc 20.5cm 30cc 40
Cotton Pad 50cc 24cm 50cc 30