This package is to help entrepreneur who want to go into ecommerce business but need guidance on how to get started. With more than 20 years of successful ecommerce experience, I would like to help
newcomers to start quickly without having to go through all the obstacles. I will hold your hands to start
your first step from zero to having all platforms running in a matter of months!

I will sit next to you and hand hold you to go through the following processes.
1. Company registration in Singapore

  • Discuss with you the different options (Sole Proprietorship, LLP, Private Limited) of opening a company in Singapore. Advise on the best option base on individual requirements.
  • Guide you through the online company registration process.

2. Build ecommerce website in Shopify or Shopline
  • Perform comparison between Shopify and Shopline.
  • Choose the best option base on your requirements.
  • Work with you to purchase the package and setup the website.
    • Arrange domain hosting
    • Theme selection and setup
    • Setup payment options
    • Setup shipping options
    • List products
    • Choose and setup marketing app
    • Choose and setup email app
    • Bring website to live and start selling!
3. Open store and list products in Lazada
  • Open Lazada store
  • Perform all necessary setup
  • List all products
  • Perform all marketing setup
    • Sponsored Discovery
    • Sponsored Affiliate
    • Discount promotion
    • Seller picks
    • Vouchers
    • Flexi Combo
    • Bundles
    • Follower vouchers
  • Campaign enrollment
  • Start selling!

4. Open store and list products in Shopee
  • Open Shopee store
  • Perform all necessary setup
  • List all products
  • Perform all marketing setup
    • Shopee Ads
    • Discount promotion
    • Vouchers
    • Addon Deal
    • Bundle Deal
    • Follower Prize
  • Campaign enrollment
  • Start selling!

5. Open store and list products in QOO10
  • Open QOO10 store
  • Perform all necessary setup
  • List all products
  • Perform all marketing setup
    • Keyword plus
    • Time Sale
    • Daily Sale
    • Group Buy
    • Coupons
  • Start selling!

6. Optional:
  • Redmart Marketplace
  • Fairprice Marketplace
  • Amazon
  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Etc.
  • Half day of requirement gathering and business consultation.
  • 5 full days in-person intensive hands-on workshop. 5 days can be spread out within 30 days so that you can get things ready in between the workshops.
  • 3 months of remote consultation and support.
  • $4,998
  • 50% upfront
  • 50% when all platforms are up and running
  • I will work with you together to complete all the necessary setup for all the platforms.
  • I will train you to be able to manage the daily running of all platforms.
  • I can give you advices and recommendations of all external services like logistics provider, product photography, graphic design and production, etc.
  • What is not included:
    • I will work with you on all the processes in details. However, all fees paid to third parties are to be born by yourself. Some examples of fees that you may need to pay:
      • Company registration fee
      • Platform fee
      • External service fee
  • I am one of the pioneers in ecommerce who starting my first ecommerce business in 2007. I brought Japanese diapers GOO.N and Nepia into Singapore and made them household names here.
    • 2007 – Started Diapers.com.sg
    • 2009 – Started selling in QOO10
    • 2014 – Started selling in Lazada
    • 2017 – Started selling in Amazon


Feel free to contact me for a friendly discussion if you have any questions or requirements. I will be flexible and I will accommodate any reasonable requests.

  • Email: Alex.Luk@jdirect.com.sg
  • Hp: +65 9828 3255