InnisFree My Real Squeeze Mask - 10Pcs Bundle Pack

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10Pcs Bundle Pack
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Made from 100% biodegradable Eucalyptus fibres

A durable cellulose sheet made from eucalyptus fibres with an easy-peel design that adheres to the face gently and delivers the concentrate effectively.

The 'Cold Brew Squeeze Process'

Infused with freshly squeezed ingredients using the Cold Brew Squeeze Process, which slowly extracts nutrients at low temperatures to capture its full benefits for nourishment boost.

Tailored to your skin's daily needs

What's your skin craving? It can change from day to day. These portable packets of goodness can be customised to your skin's daily needs. Available in three levels of hydration - water, essence, and cream - to provide one sheet mask a day suited to your skin's needs.


-- TYPES --

ACAI BERRY - Rich cream-type real mask enriched with nutrients and antioxidants. Helps to restore skin elasticity, leaving skin looking resilient and full of life.

ALOE VERA - Enriched with rich moisturizing aloe, helps to relieve tired skin.

BAMBOO - Refreshing water-type real masks, abundant moisture of bamboo. Helps with damaged skin, preventing dry skin effects – leaving skin supple.

CUCUMBER - Essence-type moisture from cucumbers. Replenishes skin moistures and leaves the skin to be skin clear and fresh.

FIG - Anti-Oxidant rich and nourishing essence face mask, keeps skin clear and vibrant.

GINSENG - This cream-type mask improves the vitality of tired skin with its anti-aging properties.

GREEN TEA - Enriched with fresh moisture from green tea, keeps dry skin hydrated.

LIME - With citric acid refreshing water-type mask, leaves skin brighten and radiant.

MANUKA HONEY - Specially picked manuka tree flowers in New Zealand, rich in anti-oxidants with anti-bacterial properties that helps blemished skin. Leaving skin shiny and healthy.

POMEGRANATE - Rich source of Vitamin C from juicy pomegranates, helps with wrinkle improvement and collagen stimulation.

RICE - Rich in anti-oxidants, helps to clear dull skin, dark age spots and acne and reducing pre-mature aging.

ROSE - Fragrant rose ingredients helps smoothen the skin texture, leaving skin moisturized and radiant.

 Note: There is a flat shipping fee of $3.99 for any quantity of sheet masks purchased.