Pigeon Breast Milk Storage Bag

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Pigeon Breast Milk Storage Bag - 80ml x 20 pcs/160ml x 20pcs

This product is the frozen storage of bags of breast milk. Laminating film that complies with food sanitation law, sterilized, frozen from sucks, baby is breastfeeding considered hygienic until transferring to the bottle to keep the frozen storage Pack.


- Milk frozen (-18 degrees or less)

- Even immune bodies and components is largely static

- Possible to save about 3 weeks from leftover breast milk

- Easy transferring to breastfeed wide with a zipper mouth

- It is touching the inside of the Pack can be used in sanitary structures

- Easy-to-understand breast volume by storage line sign on the bag

- Can record the date on the bag

Product Details:

Brand: Pigeon

Made In Japan

Range: Breast Milk

Type: Breast Milk Storage Bag

How to Use:

1. Pinch the top of the zipper with your fingers and fully open the pocket. ※Do not put your fingers under the zipper and in the freezer bag.

2. Remove the upper part of the zipper and have a corner on each side to remove the part touched by the hand when opening.

3. Use one hand to gently press the ends of the chain to open the bag mouth, and then use the other hand to open the bottom of the breast milk freezer bag. ※Do not blow into the bag.

4. One hand to open the mouth of the bag, the other hand to take the bottle or cup into the mother's milk. ※The maximum capacity of the breast milk freezer bag is 80ml. Please confirm the capacity with the scale of the milking container.

5. Lightly press the part that does not contain the mother's milk with both hands, slowly squeeze out the air in the bag, and then press the zipper seal bag mouth with your fingers.

6. Fold 3 times around the zipper part and fix it with the bag label. ※Please indicate the date and capacity on the sealing label in advance.